Direct Investment in Alternative Assets

Bridging the gap between private equity and listed companies


The marketplace for unlisted real and infrastructure assets

Value on Chain is a platform for seamless issuance and trading of unlisted real and infrastructure assets.  We are building a global network of asset managers, brokers and financial institutions that communicate using a common gateway


VoC creates compliant and regulated digital securities built on its proprietary protocol.

The VoC white-labeled platform allows companies to raise equity and debt more efficiently.

Investors gain access to alternative investment opportunities and can trade shares and bonds on digital security exchanges or through OTC auctions on their asset manager platform.


Our technology built on R3 Corda meets the institutional requirements of the financial sector. Value on Chain is the first marketplace linking digital assets with the traditional banking world in order to build an automated and compliant solution for both primary and secondary markets.

We are building a dual solution: a primary issuance and investor management gateway for issuers that streamlines back-office and compliance processes for any issuer, and an investment and secondary OTC platform for investors.

In June, we released the beta version of our application which links the R3 Corda technology to our live web application.

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