Effortless management, investment and trading of unlisted assets


VALK’s solution makes the management, trading and investment of unlisted assets effortless.

We centralize and automate all of the tasks and processes that are done today manually with our white labeled platform that is targeted for financial institutions. We digitize the asset management and investment workflows, reduce process times by 80% and costs associated with the processes by 50%.

Our whitelabeled solution enables managers and investors in unlisted assets to save costs and time, improve customer experience and increase deal and trade volume on unlisted assets they are managing and proposing to investors.


VALK is a white-label solution built on top of Corda’s distributed ledger technology.

Our proprietary solution understands SWIFT transactions with an integration of the open banking API.

The platform allows instant settlement of transactions and distribution of shares on chain. The registrar is automatically updated after the settlement, making our solution easy to integrate with custodians and exchanges.


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Effortless Management, Investment and Trading of Unlisted Assets

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